Top 10 Coffee Shops in DaNang

The Best Coffee Shops in Da Nang, Vietnam -- Ranked 1-10

Looking for that perfect cup of coffee? It's no secret that Vietnam is a country renown for its delicious ca phe sua. However, this list focuses more on Italian style coffee. That said, we have a couple of our favorite Vietnamese coffee roasteries in here to give you options. One thing is for sure, this list of cafes will not disappoint.

#1 - Puna Coffee

At Puna Coffee and Cake in Danang, indulge in a delightful experience of rich coffee and scrumptious cakes. The owners are coffee Afficionados and roast all their beans in-house. The warm smiles from the friendly couple and the cozy ambiance make it a perfect spot to relax and catch up with friends. Don't miss their superb Latte! A must-visit for coffee and cake lovers. 

#2 - Lu Coffee

Lu Coffee in Danang is a hidden gem with outstanding features. Their coffee is meticulously sourced, roasted, and brewed to perfection, delivering exquisite flavors. Lu Coffee is also a great place to pull out the laptop and get some work done. There are many tables and outlets.

#3- Brewman Coffee

Brewman Coffee provides high quality Italian-style coffee at good prices. They offer a range of high-quality brews prepared by skilled baristas. They have two locations, one beach-side and one city-side. We prefer the city-side location on Thai Phien.

#4 - Z! Coffee

Z Coffee serves up high quality coffee, including espresso-based drinks, pour-over, and Vietnamese-style coffee. They have high-quality beans and skilled baristas,, making it a popular choice for coffee lovers in Da Nang. Try the V60!

#5 - Six on Six

Six on Six Cafe in Da Nang, Vietnam is a charming spot with a lovely vibe, friendly staff, and great food. The breakfast menu offers tasty options, accompanied by the best iced coffee in Vietnam. These guys never let us down, they've been serving up some of the best coffee in the city for almost a decade! Six on SIx is also featured on our top 10 breakfasts in Danang.

#6 - Slowy Coffee House 

Step into tranquility at Slowy Coffee House in Danang. Their atmosphere leaves something to be desired, but their drinks are top notch. They specialize in Vietnamese coffee, including coconut coffee and avocado coffee. Of course, a classic cafe sua da is never a bad choice either.

#7 - Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe can be considered a tad gimmicky. The staff dresses in traditional Viet Cong army gear. The shop also has an early 20th century Vietnamese vibe, with aged dark wood and dark green accents. Still, it's a must for most tourists, and their drinks are tasty. Stick to the coconut coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

#8 - XLIII Specialty Coffee

XLIII stands out due to its standout location on a prominent corner in the bustling neighborhood An Thuong. Indeed, the building was featured in Architectural Digest for good reason. They roast their own coffee beans, although they only offer light roast. This is one of the more expensive options in the city, but it is certainly accompanied by high quality. They have a nice workspace on the second floor as well.

#9 - The Cups Coffee

The Cups is Da Nang's unique take on Starbucks. Sure, the city has real Starbuck's locations as well, but The Cups encapsulates the Da Nang experience. They have numerous locations across the city. They have many popular drinks, including iced cappucino and coconut coffee. They also have nice seating areas both indoor and outdoor.

#10 - Jan Coffee

Jan Bread and Coffee is a fairly new coffee shop in the An Thuong area. Take a seat, grab a warm latte and watch the world go by. They have a nice comfortable and cozy atmosphere, which lets you escape the mayhem just around the corner.

Coffee in Da Nang, Vietnam FAQ

Q: How much does a coffee cost in DaNang?

A: Italian style coffee is priced considerably higher than Vietnamese style. You can pay 100K+ VND for a coffee at Starbuck's, and as little as 10K for a ca phe sua da at a local coffee shop. The recommendations on this list of cafes ranges between 30-80K for a cappuccino.

Q: What is the Difference between VIetnamese Coffee and Italian Coffee?

A: Vietnamese coffee is made using a different type of coffee bean (the Robusta bean). Italian style coffee is made with Arabica beans. Some roasteries in Vietnam combine the two for a blend, which can be very tasty. Robusta has a stronger flavor and more caffeine than Arabica, so it's typically combined with condensed milk to smooth it out.

Q: Is this List of Best Coffee in Danang still Accurate in 2024?

Most of our lists on Danangtop10 are highly accurate. Coffee is a bit tougher. There are literally thousands of coffee shops in Da Nang, Vietnam. Vietnam is the land of coffee shops! So we can't say we have tried them all, especially because new coffee shops are being opened and closed all the time. We really suggest you use this list as a base, but explore beyond.

One word of advice is that most coffee shops here do good Vietnamese coffee, much fewer serve up a good Italian (Arabica) coffee. You'll want to be more picky if you're looking for a really nice cappuccino or latté, since these will require Arabica beans, which are typically imported (although some are made in Vietnam). All the coffee shops listed in the top 5 here are Italian coffee shops.