Top 10 Things To Do in Da Nang

Best Things to Do in Da Nang, Vietnam

Looking for the best activities in Da Nang, Vietnam? This list is carefully put together with our favorite activities the city has to offer. Whether you're traveling with kids, as a couple, or flying solo, there is something for everyone to do in DaNang!

#1 - Hang Out on the Beach

Da Nang has dozens of kilometers in coastline. There are so many ways to enjoy the beach here! You can rent a beach chair from a local vendor, sip on a craft beer at East Meets West Brewery, or vibe out at NaMi Beach Club. Our favorite stretch of beach is the My Khe area near An Thuong, where you'll find a great mix of vendors and a wide boardwalk. 

my khe beach in danang

#2 - Son Tra Mountain

Visit the Lady Buddah Statue whose mystical nature protects the Da Nang coastline from storms. Tour around a beach ecological reserve area which is home to the endangered Redshank monkey. Stay in the luxurious Intercontinental Resort. Whether you're on a motorbike solo or on a tour, this mountain is sure to blow you away. The contrast between tree-covered cliffs and ocean creates the view of a lifetime.

son tra mountain in danang

#3 - Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass links Da Nang in the south to the Hue region in the north. The pass cuts through a towering mountain range. Bring a light jacket, because the weather at the top is a lot cooler than the city below. You'll eventually pop out at Lang Co, which is a lovely fishing village. Stop by one of their Seafood restaurants in the lagoon for a lunch full of local delicacies.

hai van pass in danang

#4 - Hoi An Daytrip

Does this count? I'd say so! Hoi An is a 35 minute drive from Da Nang, but it feels like the opposite side of the country. The two cities are very different. Hoi An has a more ancient feeling, thanks to its Unesco Heritage Old Town. Grab a world famous Banh Mi and jump on a local rowboat for a romantic cruise down the river. If you want to turn your daytrip into an overnighter, there's plenty of great hotels in and around town at reasonable prices.

hoi an day trip

#5 - Bana Hills

In our opinion, Bana Hills is slightly overrated. It can get very crowded, and the attractions are somewhat limited. That being said, the Hands Bridge has become an Instagram essential. Nestled on the top of a mountain, Bana Hills was originally a European settlement that has now been converted to a tourist zone. They have attempt to preserve the original architecture while adding in some modern adjustments. 

golden hands bridge in da nang, vietnam

#6 - Resort Daypass

You know those beautiful 5 star resorts you pass on the beach? Did you know most of them offer Daypasses? Most of them are downright reasonably priced too. Hang out by the pool all day on a budget. Sip on a cocktail, chow down on a pizza, and gaze out over one of the world's most beautifuil beaches. Check out the Sheraton Grand Resort for one of the best Daypasses in town!

resort daypass in da nang

#7- Local Food Tour

Vietnam is famous for its food. Why not try some of the local favorites? Make a day out of it with a local food tour. Plenty of energetic Da Nang locals are ready to offer their expertise and help you find the city's most iconic dishes. We recommend trying Banh Xeo Ba Duong, which is the Central Vietnamese spin on Vietnam classic (Vietnamese Pancake).

street food in da nang, vietnam

#8 - Cham Island

Want to get away from it all? Well then, we recommend a day trip (or overnight trip) to Cham Island. Only about a 20 minute speedboat from the Hoi An Pier, you'll find yourself on a tropical island operating on its own wave length. Amazing snorkeling nearby, along with gorgeous beaches. This is a hidden gem you do not want to miss.

cham island in danang

#9 - Cooking Class

Give a man a fish, and he will be full for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat forever. Why not learn how to cook your favorite Vietnamese dishes? This way you can enjoy local cuisine no matter where you end up. There are many cooking classes in the city that cater to English speakers. It's also a great way to meet other travelers and expats!

cooking class in da nang

#10 - Get a Massage

All this walking around and seeing amazing things can get tiring! We suggest you take a little time for rest and relaxation at one of the hundreds of spas and massage parlors in Da Nang. Check out our top 10 list of the best spas and massages in Da Nang to find the right place for you. Just try not to doze off!

massage in danang

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Looking for Things to do with Kids in Danang?

There are plenty of things to do with kids in Da Nang, Vietnam. For a general idea, check out the wide array of indoor playgrounds, or look to book a resort that has a Kids' Club. These will serve you well, even on a rainy day!

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